Can Autonomous Mobile Robots Increase Safety?

A Kinesiologist’s Perspective

When I was seeing clients in primary care, I was surprised by the huge number of people that would come in for help due to a workplace injury. Many have been out of their roles for weeks or months due to heavy lifting or similar accidents in the workplace.

It led to huge costs in their own lives, such as coping with long-term pain, as well as costs for the employers who now had to try and fill a gap that was, up to now, covered by a great employee. Insurance and financial compensation just compounded the stress. In recent years, it’s made me think a lot more about how we approach manual labor in the workplace, and how emerging technology can help. 

Here are some of my thoughts on how robots can fill the gaps at work to reduce injuries and improve well being for everyone involved.

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Robots Can Be Better Than Humans When It Comes to Heavy Lifting

Robots allow workers who might not otherwise be able to lift heavy objects the chance to complete this task safely and more effectively than if they were doing it alone or with another person’s help. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from injuries or disabilities that prevent them from completing this type of work manually.

Autonomous Robots Can Help With Dangerous Tasks

Some tasks are too dangerous for humans to do, like working around dangerous chemicals. Autonomous robots can complete these difficult tasks without the need of a human operator, so employees don’t have to face danger themselves. They can provide up-to-date diagnostics on chemical levels and alert others if a danger was to arise.

Robots Do Not Fatigue Like Humans, and Provide Remote Monitoring

No matter how many hours someone works, robots will always have enough energy and stamina to keep going until their task is completed, which means they won’t get fatigued like a human might after a certain amount of time working strenuous shifts. This makes autonomous robots much safer when compared to humans who often make mistakes due to exhaustion.

Image Credits: Mohamed Hassan

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