Overcome labor shortage

Now with our autonomous robots you get your business running by automating your manual and repetitive tasks

We introduce a fully

Multitasking AI Robots

Aro-S is an AI based autonomous robot, developed to help the industry automate manual work. The robot operates without any human supervision thus reducing the costs of operations and increasing efficiencies.

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The brand


Aro is a brand dedicated to introduce affordable automation technology to masses. Our vision is that every business should be able to afford and adapt the innovative and novel technology of autonomous robotics.

Unique Features

Intelligent Technology

Aro-S robots are completely based on artificial intelligence. While performing their tasks, the robot think like a human being to make real time decisions on the spot.

Modular design

The innovative modular design makes the robots highly flexible for customization. Various features can be added thus expanding the scope of application of our robots.

Adaptive Map

While working and maneuvering around, the robots develop the maps of their surroundings. The maps are updated continuously as well.

Intuitive Control

Through an intuitive control software on a tablet, the robots can be assigned various tasks. Each task can be customized for destination on a map, waiting time at a destination and multiple other parameters.


Our robots are equipped with multiple sensors which provide them their eyes and ears. Using the data from the sensors, the robots build a sense of awareness of their surroundings. This enables them to maneuver around without any collisions.

Robust and Safe

The robots are built to last while they are operated within their specified environment. Additionally, our robots have been to be safe while co-working with human workers on a certain factory floor.

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