The abbreviation for our brand “aro” stands for autonomous robotics. Our logo represents central power wheels of our robots while orange color indicates energy, joyfulness and confidence of our highly energetic and passionate team.

We are a multidisciplinary team with expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics design, manufacturing, computer programming, electrical board development and large scale deployment of robots. The combination of these traits and skills gives rise to a unique outcome of autonomous robots which every one loves.

aro pioneer autonomous mobile robot artificial intelligence AMR logistics warehouse robot for distrobution center

The Legacy, Aro First

In 2019/2020, we started with a robot called Aro First which was built for research teams and robot enthusiasts to customize the software without worrying about the hardware. The robot was a complete hardware for anyone needing to develop the software to form an autonomous robot. The robot was equipped with: a lidar, machine vision camera, vertical linear actuator,

  • lidar
  • machine vision camera
  • vertical linear actuator
  • rear power wheels
  • computer
  • control box
  • batteries
  • modules for a relay, buzzer, IMU, etc

After some sales, we soon realized, that the industry needed much more than a half built unit. Our clients needed a complete out of the box solution. We listened them and we moved forward to invest in the R&D of autonomous mobile robotics. It took us two years from inception to a complete client ready product.

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